Annie Tee Designs reveals new logo

Saturday, July 16, 2016
A logo is a graphic symbol or icon used especially by organizations or companies for public recognition.

Annie Tee Designs

Annie Tee Designs, an upcoming graphic design enterprise owned by Maryanne Theodore has rebranded her logo. The new logo  is more unique, fresh and simple. The designer, took the old  logo design, redesigned it and the logo came out clean and dynamic with new visuals ready to renew and promote the brand. The three colours of the brand are still maintained, which is Pink (beauty, charm, femininity), Gold (success, achievement) and Blue (inspiration, loyalty). The circle which represent how wide Annie Tee Designs will go is also maintained though few changes have been applied to the position of the colours, they are now straight instead of been slanted.

The most notable change is the removal of the wings that came with the former logo which looked unprofessional. In reality, Annie Tee Designs does not need wings in order to explore and move higher. She can still get to the peak with or without wings (smile).

The new design is the work of Annie Tee Designs, led by Chief Executive Officer Maryanne Theodore.

Annie Tee Designs promises her clients more dynamic, cool, unique, awesome, fresh works just like her new logo.

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