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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Every events and gatherings has the potential to be special and great... To meet your dreams of having the best gatherings and events, highly favoured foods and confectionery has all it takes to make your event a great one...

In highly favoured food and confectionery, we specialize in event decoration, cake design, catering services, training and consultancy. 

Our decoration services provide color, excitement and energy to transform the event whether elegant, sophisticated, playful or festive. Our reputation for professional services and creative designs are features that keep our clients coming. We offer wide varieties of decoration. Also, our decoration is occasioned with lightenings such as MONOGRAM, BLISSLIGHT AND PIPE & DRAPE LIGHTENINGS 

Highly favoured cake designs gives you the freshness, taste and flavor that is made from the best ingredients... We make different kinds of cakes such as shortened cakes, layer cakes, pound cakes, foam & sponge cake,flourless & low- floured cakes, chocolate cake and many more for different events like weddings, parties etc.
We make offers for birthday, parties, business meeting, conferences, luncheon and holiday gathering.

In highly favoured foods and confectionary, we offer the highest standard of service delivery at affordable prices.. We work with you within your budget to come up with customized and unique cakes, catering services and decorations that will truly set your events to your taste and create the biggest impact..

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  1. Anne, i would like to know the address, cos my sister is looking for a catering training center. Thanks

    1. It is located at No9 Ataimpkat off ikpa rd uyo, AKS


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