Happy Birthday to a Great Man of God

Sunday, March 05, 2017
Prophet Michael Jonah

When you are surrounded with challenges of life and can't find a way out. For real you need help, that's when God sends someone to help pull out.

Just like in the days of old, God kept his prophets to take his people out of their problems, you're the prophet of our time, a mentor, a father, a friend, an helper, a legend, coach, you're EVANG. PROPHET MICHAEL MICHAEL JONAH.

You have helped so many lives by answering the call of your Father through your faithful ministry, may you be blessed greatly in return not just on this special day but always. You've always been here to help in our time of need. I appreciate your faithfulness and wish you the very best of birthdays. May you have many more as you continue to serve the Lord in the ministry He has given you.


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