Journey Unto New Experience

8:12 am

Ya! We have magnificently stepped into another month in 2017. The month of June. Which is definitely the month that divides the year into two. Just like December, this is the month I analyse how the first half of the year was and setting my mind for the other half.

May had been a great month, Mom turned +1 and it was the month I had the greatest views on the blog which will be a year old next month - since I started blogging, I also learned a lesson about procrastination which almost landed me in an unimaginable situation.

Today I received one of the favours that hardly come my way, that's a good omen right? June is going to be a wonderful month. I thank God for the things He did and the things He will do: the ones I'm praying for and the ones I'm not expecting. So as we step in together I wish that may all your good heart desires be fulfilled.

Happy new month swiree pies and have a great June

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