January 29, 2017
I'm MaryAnne Theodore and am mostly known as Annie Tee by my friends and on my various social media platforms.

This blog was created in July 2016. MaryAnne Theodore's Blog (MTB) is my personal and lifestyle blog where I write everything and I mean everything that crosses my mind, things that happen in my life as a student, a blogger and a graphic designer and I write on things that I see too whether on social media or anywhere, I would love to call it my journal.

The blog also feature short stories and poems from different writers because of my love for literature.

I use this online platform to advertise and promote people's goods and services, business, music in fact everything promotable. You can contact me today to place your ad on this blog.
Also check out my design blog if you're a designer or you want to join the design world.

Hope to hear from you soon


  1. Nice Blog Maryanne. Just visiting for the first time.


    1. I greatly appreciate your compliment DeeDee. Many thanks for dropping by

  2. I love your blog Maryanne
    Thumb up
    Keep it real

    Am your no.1 fan

    1. Thanks a lot dearie...
      I'm gonna try my best to keep it real


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